High School


Generally we get together on Sundays 5:00pm-7:00pm. What we do and where we find ourselves can change week to week, so check the calendar feed below to see what's going on. Throughout the year we meet in the homes of students and leaders. We cook and eat together, spend time catching up on life, playing games, discussing practical aspects of our faith and regularly have fun adventures that West Michigan has to offer throughout the year. Want to host one of our Sunday evening gatherings, let Derek know so we can briefly invade your domicile.

You'll also find us at JP's on Wednesday nights from 6ish-9pm. Feel free to stop by and say "Hey", hang out, do homework, buy us a free glass of water or whatever else seems appropriate for the setting.

Need a ride to something? Let us know, but help-a-leader-out and meet us 1/2 way. Literally and or figuratively. Contact your local friendly neighborhood leader.


Stuff you're involved in: If you have a sports schedule or other school activities or events you're involved in, let us know. We love coming to these things together and supporting each other!

Study Night: We gather together at JP's on Wednesday nights from 7ish-9pm (Rather than 6ish-9pm).

Source Winter Retreat: Friday, February 17 at 3:30PM - Sunday, February 19 at 10:30am. Cost is $40. This is a special time for our group to get away together and find some much needed rest time in the middle of the typical west Michigan winter gloom.

Lake Champion Spring Break: April 2-7 Work week at Lake Champion Young Life camp in New York. Cost is simply getting there. If you're a student who wants to come and your family isn't able to make the trek, talk to Derek as we are arranging necessary transportation. Once we get there, we (students and leaders) will stay in the dorm buildings together and be assigned to work teams for our daily tasks. Nights include club and free time in the game room, hot tub, or hanging out in the dorm lounges. Ask anyone who has gone, they'll tell you this is not something you want to miss. This is also a great opportunity to INVITE some friends.