We believe that the Bible is the inspired, living, breathing, authoritative word of God, and it is the Truth given by God to his people for the practice of all faith and life (Hebrews 4:12). We embrace that following Jesus is reflected in our commitment to love God with all that we are, all that we have, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

We also believe and incorporate the beliefs of the ancient church as expressed in the following creeds (click each for the text):


Many refer to this as a missional or Bible-centered church, and although that is true we would rather just say that we are all about Jesus.  It is our hope that you are more impressed with Him than you are with us. We are an intergenerational faith community seeking to love God and one another deeply as we desperately embrace grace in the midst of our messy lives. We do not claim to “have it all together” or act like we do. Our ministry does not operate around programs or any particular personality, except that of Jesus, because we believe that He is God’s ultimate love expression –His only Son sent for us. We seek to respond to what God has done, is doing, and wants to do through living passionate, desperately dependent, Spirit-led lives that strive to reflect Him in all that we are and do. 


Facility Credo

Real Life Fellowship gathers throughout the week in smaller groups doing ministry, relationships, and life together all over the city of Holland and beyond. We believe that Church is what we are, not somewhere we go. However, we are blessed to share a beautiful facility with our brothers and sisters at La Casa de mi Padre. Since November 2016, God has been blessing us richly as we are learning to live out the Gospel in a cross-cultural setting. While we still meet independently as distinct congregations, we take every opportunity to work together in the community and celebrate that we are one body in Christ 

In that light, we consider the coffee shops, school campuses, neighborhoods, bars, streets, etc. all around us to be the different places we utilize to help nurture our relationships, lives and ministry.